CFLX [ci-flægs]: advanced communication

The problem we solve...

... ICT-induced communication filters are the problem;
explicitly and mandatory made statements are the solution.

CFLX [si-flægs] enhanced communication means:
  • clear statements instead of interpretations
  • induced corporate culture via IT-guided communication (NLP)
  • efficiency per re-usability
  • the option to analyze and improve communication systematically
  • fewer conflicts because of lesser misinterpretations

  • C-Board: advanced discussion

    the C-Board delivers better communication and communication-management

    Some features & functions:
  • CFLX-enhanced communication made available by the C-Board
  • WBS-generator to structure the forums 1:1 to the project your team is working in
  • Table view to check out the latest postings board-wide
  • Personal profile to fostering trust-building
  • Riemann-Thomann-Canvas for individual-related interactions & staffing
  • cflx-application. click and try it out!
    what's app? ==> that's app! login with admin-rights for user: testadmin with password: admin123


    cybernetic solution for closing the social-technological gap

    finding and selecting the tools & methods to meet the needs
  • the needs of the work-situation of your project
  • the needs of the individuals
  • accumulate & evaluate these needs for making up the requirements of the tool-capabilities
  • use the C-Matrix™ to sort & filter the best fitting tools available
  • The C-Cycle application guidelines your team through this process.
    Iterative. Incremental. Participatory.

    ...analogue to the well-known PDCA process of quality management
    to enhance the quality of your virtual team-work.


    bring your own application (BYOA)...

    ... the C-Matrix gives your team-mates a reference-work & listing-tool to bring in the right ones

    Some features&functions:
  • reference-work for argued tool-selection
  • option to update with a global database
  • rated tool-capabilities to sort the tools depending on your actual requirements
  • ability to modify the matrix according to your experiences
  • The C-Matrix is helping your team finding the right tools in every situation.


    your briefing & relationship application

    coordinate & inform your team-mates and get informed.

    your daily meeting-point:
  • cooperation & coordination of the work-packages/ tasks of the team-mates
  • focal-point of discussion within the C-BOARD
  • initiator for starting a C-Creative session and find a solution together
  • starting point for the further expansion of the project
  • The CYBER-SCRUM application is adapting and upgrading the shopfloor-management / SCRUM methodology to the prospects of the virtual project room


    your application for collaborative creativity

    brainstorm your globally distributed team.

    finding solutions, produce commitment & social cohesion:
  • target oriented diversity-management
  • schedule of synchronous and asynchronous working cycles
  • create sub-teams and task-forces with globally distributed experts
  • anonymous idea-gathering to avoid the problem of "production blocking"
  • immanently recording ensures profiling to the origin idea generator

  • take advantage of locally independence & options of coordination for customizing the process in dependency of your goals
    (produce quantity or quality of ideas; development of solutions or creation of commitment)